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Unlock unparalleled access with Cali Globe Concierge. Exclusively for our esteemed members, we guarantee premium tickets to the globe's most coveted events, even when they're sold out.

Your Gateway to the World's Most Sought-After Events

  • Music Festivals: Burning Man, Coachella, Tomorrowland

  • Sports Highlights: Champions League, El Clásico, F1, FIFA World Cup 2026, Paris Olympics 2024, Premier League, Roland Garros, Ryder Cup, UEFA EURO GERMANY 2024, Wimbledon

  • Leagues: NBA, NHL, NFL

  • Special Occasions: Concerts, Fashion Shows, The Oscars

And many more. Don't see the event you're looking for? Reach out, and we'll make it happen.

Featuring access to:

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